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05-Jul-2017 19:10

My biological father was not the same ethnicity as my grandfather.

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If I had gotten into a serious relationship with her, and eventually got married with her, do you think there would've been major problems for us, due to the child being white and his stepfather not being white?

Much later, when things are a little serious is when I will allow them to be introduced to my children. If my child and the man cannot mesh, sadly, the man will be the one to go.

I couldn't dream of marrying someone who could not get along with my children after several meetings. When a child is of age to ask the questions, we should be of maturity to answer them factually and show how emotions overcame race differences.

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Hi, Over the years, many young single mothers have seemed interested in dating me, but nearly all of them have been outside of my race (I'm of Chinese background).My children have two distinct cultural backgrounds and I have one.