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They started talking online, hanging out in the same chatrooms, and then finally, Tristan drove from Pennsylvania to Florida to meet Kita. Tristan is in his late twenties and works in IT — there's a joke in the community that "furries make the internets run," because so many of them work in IT.He said he's identified as a furry since he was 13 or so."We grew up with animated cartoons, animals that could talk, things like that, and it was just one of those things where you started wanting to emulate that," Tristan said.A few months later, Mitchell Beiro — a noted furry artist — was arrested after police seized thousands of images of child pornography from his home.

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In 2012, two furries were arrested at a barbecue for engaging in "inappropriate behavior" in a public park in broad daylight.For the uninitiated like Brzezinski, it's understandably pretty hard to conceptualize what a furry is.