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Ashton taps into his former modeling career experiences and stares him down through squinted eyes with the focus of a thousand Kate Mosses. I’m sad I don’t have a pair of Lucas’ fabulous turquoise socks.Mila tries to play along, but Ashton refuses to acknowledge Lucas’ annoying Whaaaboooom wind-up, even with a smile. To quote Kenny: “White boys be buggin’.” Let’s recap for just a second: During this cocktail party, Rachel has been denied a kiss by Jack Stone because he was too afraid to approach her lest he stumble into some bad lighting.She denies Harrison in the hallway, heading straight for the women’s restroom. It’s week two, so I don’t think she’s sad that a potentially great guy named De Mario left.I think she’s more angry that the producers made her go through a calculated event that makes her look stupid, portrays De Mario as a jack wagon, and paints Lexie as Mayor of Crazyville. The cocktail party has a bit of a rain cloud over it, thanks to De Mario’s tryst with Lexie. I want him to go to Paradise so he can wear his man bun freely and fall in love with Mother Russia.

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That night at the cocktail party, Rachel throws all caution to the wind. The former camp counselor was praised for being “mature” from Freddy P., the guy five years her junior.She turns her dress around and zips it up the front, instead of the back. He uses his alone time to teach Rachel how to properly wipe a child’s bottom. Blake arrives and breaks the cardinal rule in week two. He informs Rachel that Lucas is not here for the right reasons (right reasons.) How does he know? Rachel and I react the same: via GIPHY Rachel: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. And she played a boring game of “He Said / He Said” between a social media monger who has managed to say his annoying catch phrase twelve times in twenty minutes and a guy who attempts to throw another contestant under the bus by openly admitting that he lives with another woman. Dean walks in like a breath of fresh air and makes Rachel laugh.