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To the Corinthians he would later refer to them as "so-called gods" (1 Corinthians 8:5-6), "demons" (1 Corinthians ; from Deuteronomy ), and "mute idols" (1 Corinthians 12:2).

In 4:3 (Lesson 5) we discussed the meaning of , translated as "basic principles" (NIV), "elemental spirits" (NRSV), "elements" (KJV) as either "basic components of something, elements" or "elemental spirits.[151] Though the second meaning could fit the context in 4:9, I argued above for the first meaning, the idea of "basic elements," which Paul derides by calling them weak[152] and miserable.[153] Bondage to these basic elements was vastly inferior to the fullness of the Spirit.

It's a mixed up metaphor, to be sure,[165] but it eloquently conveys Paul's struggle and his consternation. I suppose this refers to the initial formation process in which we learn to follow Jesus.

We're not talking about just praying an initial prayer of surrender, but the early days of our Christian life where patterns are being set for the rest of our lives.

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Now they knew God on the basis of an introduction by the Son of God himself. They had been convinced by some Jewish Christians that they couldn't be saved unless they were circumcised like proper Jews. So Paul tries to explain to them using a number of analogies how the law that demanded circumcision was inferior to the freedom of the Spirit.Until it is fully formed, it won't be able to survive outside its mother's womb.Paul is in agony still getting these kids born, since they've turned away from the basics of the gospel, the grace of God.As Bruce concludes: "The traditions of Judaism, when accepted as ritually binding, were in Paul's eyes fetters which impeded faith and excluded liberty."[156] Is it wrong for Christians to observe special days such as Christmas or Easter? But to take upon ourselves a schedule of observing holy days as a legal obligation or a mantle of righteousness wrong, and can lead us into legalism.

Here and in verse 19 Paul vents his frustration and concern: "I fear for you, that somehow I have wasted my efforts[157] on you." () Paul has poured out his very life and suffered physical danger trying to establish these Galatian churches, only to have them turn away from the true gospel to a new legalism (see 2 Corinthians 6:1). (Galatians -11) Is celebrating different special worship days essentially wrong?" (-20) As their spiritual father, he addresses them as his children. "The pains of childbirth" (NIV, NRSV), "travail in birth" (KJV) is , "to experience pains associated with giving birth, have birth-pains," in imagery, "be in labor = suffer greatly."[163] Paul went through the struggle and pain of bringing them into the Kingdom of God once already -- now he has to do it again.