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I can smell a hint of her Chanel perfume emanating from her neck.I'm overcome by a sudden desire to bite at it, to taste her.I turn my body around, my fingers slip my sopping wet panties off and pull down my ripped stockings.I shove my fingers into my pussy, biting my lip to stop from moaning. I slide them down to my ass, fingering it until I can slide my fingers in easily."Unhook those stockings now, slut." My hands slowly reach down, sliding down my thigh and- "No.You'll do it with your teeth." "But-" "Are you disobeying me? "No, Maitresse." I slowly contort my body and bend my head down, biting at the hooks til I feel them slip apart, one by one. I feel her hands slide over my ass, "Why bother wearing panties you slut? Don't you dare drip on my carpet." Her fingers glide down my slit, pushing on my clit.For the next 10 minutes I list my assets, places I've worked. Staring me in the eyes she asks, "Your qualifications are good, you have experience but then so do the other 30 girls I've interviewed. Why should you work here and what sets you apart from the rest? Leaning in close to my ear, her breath on my neck sends chills down my back and a flush to my cheeks. Hypnotized, I nod quickly, gazing deep into her beautiful blues eyes noticing, almost as an afterthought, that one of them was half blue half brown.

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I worry about the short length of my skirt as it rides up my thighs. Cherie will see you now." My eyes widen, heart skipping a beat. I hope she'll be understanding and overlook the flaws in the way I dressed.

Finished, I stare at her cherry red lips, overcome with a sudden thought of slipping my tongue between them. my voice falters as the interviewer suddenly gets up from her chair, walks around to lean against the front of her huge desk looking down at me appraisingly. You're going to be my dirty little slut, and we'll see how far you're willing to go. I want you to bring me a gin and tonic from the bar over there." I started to rise from the floor stopping as she raised a finger. Hurry now, if it takes longer than one minute, I will spank you til you cannot sit.

Focusing again I see a quick smirk flash across her face as if she could read my thoughts. "If you tell me to do something, regardless of what it is, no matter how outrageous, I will do it. "Yes, Maitresse." "I knew the minute you came in here with that short little skirt that you were dirty. I will do whatever you tell me like a good girl." Relaxing, she leans back, "First lesson learned. When you get back, you will show me what you're wearing underneath that cheap outfit.

A lazy voice in the distance called out, "Bombay Sapphire and not too much ice.

Use a tray so you don't spill on the rug" Drink prepared, I quickly crawl back to her hoping to beat the clock and avoid the blistering spanking I knew would follow.

Her hand was already held out as she looked at her schedule. The minutes tick by as she works, sipping from her drink. " I have her attention and with that I turn my body around with my eyes never breaking our stare.

hmmm- oh - (and ont forget we 'would' need to save some of the cash for a visit to the Doctor.) Good luck with the KY girls.! (since most of us never knew there was all these exoctic women just 'floating' around waiting for US to just show up ! … continue reading »

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