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28-Jun-2017 21:03

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Now your system will no longer write to its hibernate file. On the Downside: Disabling the Windows hibernate feature can cause slower start-up times.

Readers should note that turning off hibernate won’t remove the massive hibernate file (hiberfil.sys), which equals the amount of system RAM.

However, Samsung’s TLC drives tend to last as long — if not longer — than many MLC drives from other manufacturers.

Note though, that TLC drives will experience a performance drop-off as its internal NAND cells fail.

In Windows 7 and 8, the default size is 75% of system RAM (it uses compression to achieve this).

For consumers, MLC NAND drives — in theory — last the longest.

A PC with 32GB of RAM, if hibernated 4 times a day, writes up to 46.7 terabytes per year in hibernate file writes alone.